Positions & Issues

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Jack is a conservative who believes in smaller government, lower taxes, and common-sense solutions to protect our vital services.

Jack is pro-life, supports the 2nd Amendment and believes in the rule of law.

Jack is a devout advocate for Northern Michigan and our citizens.  From jobs to education to agriculture to tourism – Jack is unwavering in his willingness to fight for us!

Jack has spent over 20 years honoring our veterans, seniors and taking care of those who are unable to take care of themselves.


Specific Issues

Budget and Taxes

We work hard for our dollar.  We all know we have to pay taxes but let’s be responsible and not repeat mistakes of the past.  Every candidate for office should support making sure we have a balanced budget with no exceptions.  We should not place the undue burden of debt because we are unwilling to solve our own problems.  Setting priorities, limiting spending and eliminating wasteful or duplicate government programs are important steps in helping us balance our budget on time.


Taking care of our kids seems like a principle that should be so simple.  Yet, it seems our government often forgets to put the kids first.  In a time of rising costs and straining budgets, we need to have a system that works.  Recognizing our problems in how we fund our education system is a good start. We have to be realistic in problem solving.  How do we put our teachers in the best position to teach?  How do we work with school districts who are getting smaller in rural areas?  How do we empower local school boards and school district to develop a curriculum which best suits them?  How do insure our kids are getting the best education possible?  We need to ask the hard questions and have an open, honest dialogue about how to address this important issue.


Each year I see the cost go up and the services trimmed.  I had foot surgery a year ago. I was shocked by what that cost both thru insurance and out of pocket.  Obamacare was a mess.  Folks need to be able to get the treatment they need at a reasonable cost.  We also need to look at tort reform…malpractice insurance is very tough on the doc’s trying to care for us.   Again it comes down to common sense solutions where everyone with a stake in the game has a say on what best can serve their needs.


The truth is …Southeast Michigan has the concentration of people. They get the bulk of the road money. The rest of the state gets whats left.  Again, I think this comes down to common sense.  I remember my dad saying in the 60’s…Michigan had the finest roads in the country.  What happened? I will work with other Northern Michigan Law makers on both sides of the aisle to fight for “out state” Michigan!  We need to look at best practices in other cold weather (frost/thaw) states and begin to implement here.  Business as usual and doing things the way they’ve always been done isn’t working.

Recreation and Tourism

For years, I’ve spoken with leaders from across our state and nation.  Yet, it seems like those in Lansing often forget what might work for Detroit – might not work for Northern Michigan.  We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world which many people come and visit.  A large part of our economy is built around tourism, hunting, fishing and camping so we need a strong voice to remind those in Lansing there can’t be a “one-size-fits all” mentality.  Empowering regional leadership to steward over their policies is a good start.  I want to fight for our community and make sure Lansing knows what WE think is best.


Farm to table is great…but if Michigan wants to make money from this industry we must help farmers with taxes, dealing with foreign imports, etc.  We need leaders who are willing to listen to the experts…the FARMERS!  Too often, we have accountants or lawyers or lobbyists trying to make decisions on our agriculture industry rather than truly listening to those who have spent generations feeding us and working our land.  I intend to actively work with our agriculture community to help them get what they need so we can see this industry once again flourish in Northern Michigan.


Energy is becoming more and more important in the 21st Century.  We need to be smart and we need to be open to developing all forms of energy for our state.  At the same time, we need to keep the consumer in mind.  It’s all well and good to say we want renewable energy or clean energy – but at what cost to Mom and Dad on Main Street?  Too often we see politicians forget about you and I and how we pay our bills.  Unfortunately, we’ve seen policies pass which seem to serve the energy companies or the state.  But what about us?  It’s seems common-sense has become a little too uncommon these days.  We need to get to work.


We made an agreement.  All gave some and some gave all.  Not sure there’s much more that needs to be said on this topic other than that I will fight for our veterans to get what they need.  Period.  We can’t forget about them just because they’re no longer on active duty.