The Agenda

I entered this race saying I come with no personal agenda, if I have one it is common sense solutions to our everyday issues.

I would say that is still my driving force, but since knocking doors and talking to the people of the 101st, I’ve heard that good jobs, better schools and training for the trades along with roads and no-fault insurance reforms are tops on your lists.

Along with this comes housing issues and diminishing child care due in large part to excessive regulations.

Your agenda is my agenda. I’m looking forward to leading the way!


Specific Issues

“The Economy and Jobs”

There is a misconception that Government can create jobs. Jobs are created in the private sector. Government needs to make sure that the infrastructure is in place to attract new business and help current business expand. We cannot forget the employers already in place. If we have good schools for families, a trained work force and a region that is attractive to relocate to…you will succeed. At the State level we need to work to help the local Governments make these things happen. Looking to get broadband to rural areas like Northern Michigan is a huge piece of this as well. I will work with the local Governments to represent them and coordinate planning through the district.


I mentioned earlier the Child Care issue in the area. If a family can’t afford day care or that single mom must choose between working and expensive day care or staying home and being on assistance that is not good. We need to reduce the regulations when it comes to that. Our public schools are at an interesting point. The time spent on standardized tests are taking precious time from our teachers and students, and what purpose do they really serve? If our kids can’t read in 3 rd grade. What good is a standardized test? Our schools rank in the low middle nationally. We need to take the schools away from the suits in Lansing and return local control and thought to the process… We finally have the pendulum swinging back to understanding college is not for everyone, getting the trades back into the mix is very important.


Each year I see the cost go up and the services trimmed.  I had foot surgery a year ago. I was shocked by what that cost both thru insurance and out of pocket.  Obamacare was a mess.  Folks need to be able to get the treatment they need at a reasonable cost.  We also need to look at tort reform…malpractice insurance is very tough on the doc’s trying to care for us.   Again it comes down to common sense solutions where everyone with a stake in the game has a say on what best can serve their needs.

Insurance Reform

If this issue isn’t settled by the time I get there, let me just say, I am a yes vote on whatever gets reform through. Allow people the choice of coverage. 49 other states don’t have bodies along the highways. We can make this work. For those who have gotten rich off the system…the golden goose is on life support.


Michigan’s funding is complicated. But in the system, last on the funding list are State, County, City and Villages in that order. I will work to get every dollar available to go to those groups. Remember to a decade of decline can’t be fixed overnight. Our 6-month window for repairs makes it frustrating.

Recreation and Tourism

For years, I’ve spoken with leaders from across our state and nation.  Yet, it seems like those in Lansing often forget what might work for Detroit – might not work for Northern Michigan.  We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world which many people come and visit.  A large part of our economy is built around tourism, hunting, fishing and camping so we need a strong voice to remind those in Lansing there can’t be a “one-size-fits all” mentality.  Empowering regional leadership to steward over their policies is a good start.  I want to fight for our community and make sure Lansing knows what WE think is best.


The farming industry is important not just to the state but the 101! From the Cherry Industry dealing with Turkish imports and new insect threats. Our Farmers need broadband brought to rural Michigan. Much like the old Rural Electric efforts of 100 years ago. Access to the internet is a necessity. Also, while keeping our boarders secure we must be able to provide a legal and verifiable workforce for our farmers and growers. As your State Rep I will work with our Washington Delegation to support our Ag community. Here in Michigan I will always be there to work with and support the Michigan Farmer!

Energy & The Environment

There, of course, is a move to renewable energy’s as our times and technology advance. This is evident with the major suppliers moving to this end. I do firmly believe that a common-sense approach to the environment is important. Protecting the air, land and water is not exclusive to those who espouse the message. Economic growth and environmental concerns are not exclusive. No one wants to soil the nest. Reasonable regulations that do not damage the economy, but support and encourage growth and care for the environment are good. We need to talk things through and not be dictated to by the loudest voice in the room. Our land and water are vital to our States continued existence.


We made an agreement.  All gave some and some gave all.  Not sure there’s much more that needs to be said on this topic other than that I will fight for our veterans to get what they need.  Period.  We can’t forget about them just because they’re no longer on active duty.