See where Jack O'Malley
stands on the issues....


These have been uncertain times. People have had questions and fears, uncertainty. During pandemic I promised to be with you every step of the way! Daily updates, following up on questions, explaining executive orders and calming fears.

As we exit this pandemic there will still be much work to do. Getting our economy rolling and people back to work. Our schools will need guidance as they rebound from this very odd year. I like to think diversity can make us stronger. There is much to do, but I will be with you every step of they way.

Flooding and Erosion

This summer is expected to continue to see our lakes and streams rise. Which means we can’t yet begin restoring all our infrastructure as more damaged is expected. We can though work with the agency’s to help with quicker permitting and response. I have also introduced legislation to institute task force to look at how to prepare for next time. We had this same issue these late 80’s and didn’t seem to learn. Flooding the Great Lakes are like earthquakes in California. It’s not a matter of if but when! I want this task force to learn and make recommendations so that we are prepared the next time.


I made this priority in my first term! I have been meeting with daycare providers and the government regulators to learn. What I have found is daycare in the 101 st and rural Michigan as a whole is almost extinct. In home daycare especially is huge to our area. But regulations are driving the caring people out of business. This needs to change. It is also plays big roll in job creation, recruiting and retention! The daycare issue must come out of shadows.

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Being born and raised in Michigan I know freshwater is our treasure. That is why I voted yes on efforts to control the PFAS problem. I have introduced a high water/erosion task force. I am in discussions on creating a statewide septic code.


As our school year skidded to a suspension in March, I was proud of how our teachers and staff changed gears to keep kids learning at home. The thousands of meals delivered district wide. Diversity pulled everyone together and good things emerged. How the new school year unfolds in the fall we shall all see. I will work to make sure flexibility is allowed and funding strong. My support for the trades continue, voting to fund the reconnect program. Allowing adults to retrain at community colleges and trade schools.


As Chairman of Transportation I lead the charge for reforms in how our road dollars were being directed and spent. I fought for more money for local roads…not just downstate big cities. The pandemic may cause a few more hurdles we need to jump but my focus will continue to be every penny at the pump going to roads and fixing the worst roads in the state, the local roads. The ones you drive everyday.